Satellite-Communication Containers

Satellite communication containers can be heli-lifted into extreme places for autonomous remote communications solution.

Hassel CC provide the experience and expertise required to deliver a robust solution to house their remote communications equipment, including redundant VSAT antennas and wireless distribution system.

Features of the containers include:

  • 2 separate rooms including a side access insulated communications room and a rear access storage room, both fitted with lights, power and smoke alarms
  • 2 recessed AC units in the communications room for temperature control of the equipment
  • Lashing points and furniture rails within the inner walls, as well as floor recessed lashing loops to ensure smooth transportation
  • A hand rail and access gate system fitted to the roof of each unit, which has the ability to be folded down or removed for transportation
  • A satellite dish mounting system designed by engineering consultancy, Innovact
  • Wireless mast brackets fitted to the side of the containers which will work synchronised with the recessed cable bulkhead to broadcast the signal gained by the satellite dishes
  • Ability to be easily mobilised and transported via sea, rail and heli-lift